Maritime Law

What Is A Maritime Lawyer?

What Does a Maritime Lawyer Do? One of the most common questions asked about maritime lawyers is "What is a maritime lawyer and what do they do?" A Maritime Lawyer is an attorney that specializes in maritime injuries and boating accidents that occur in both recreational and commercial maritime activities. Maritime lawyers protect not only seamen who are injured on [...]

Houston Maritime Injury Lawyer

Houston Maritime Attorneys At Patrick Daniel Law, our Houston maritime lawyers are well-equipped to handle difficult maritime injury cases that other Houston maritime law firms find too complex. Houston maritime injury law, also known as admiralty law, has a lot of quirks and inconsistencies. It takes an experienced maritime injury attorney to be able to see these inconsistencies, and we [...]

Maritime Injury Law | Jones Act

Understanding Maritime Injury Law Those who work on or around maritime vessels in Houston often find their work rewarding, albeit dangerous.  At times, the dangers of the job can lead to significant injuries which preclude you from work.  When this happens, one often asks “what now?” Some people are not sure whether to contact a maritime lawyer or not. Let's [...]