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Turn to Our Spring Motorcycle Crash Attorneys

Motorcycle riders constantly fear that other drivers won’t see them on the road. The thought never escapes their mind. Reasons for this caution abound. On average, between 35,000 and 50,000 accidents involving motorcycles occur every year, resulting in 5,000 fatalities and serious injuries of all descriptions.

Victims often suffer twice – once when the other driver didn’t see them, and once when the insurance company wouldn’t see them. Unsettled and under-settled insurance claims haunt thousands of injured riders every year, underscoring the vital importance of obtaining a motorcycle injury lawyer.

In Spring, if you’re looking for a motorcycle crash attorneys, contact Patrick Daniel Law. Patrick Daniel Law has obtained millions of dollars for biker crash victims, either through pre-trial negotiations or courtoom litigation. Our team of motorcycle accident attorneys knows the delaying, distracting and bullying tactics used by insurance companies trying to avoid paying claims following a motorcycle crash.

Unlike some law firms in Spring and the Greater Houston area, we prepare ourselves for trial and we remain in trial mode throughout the process. We don’t fear the opposition or the courtroom.

Call a Spring Motorcycle Injury Lawyer Right Away

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) figures show that motorcycle riders account for 20 million highway miles ridden per year. That pales in comparison to the amount driven by automobiles, which amounted to over 3.4 billion miles per year.

Yet serious injuries requiring hospital stays, surgery, long-term care and rehab disproportionately affect motorcyclists. Your risk for serious injury in a motorcycle crash far exceeds those of automobile passengers.

Insurance companies love to jump on those statistics, suggesting that riders know the risks and take them anyway, therefore accepting a portion of the fault for the injuries suffered in a motorcycle crash. Don’t fall for that. Too many motorcycle crash victims do, and settle for far less than what they deserve.

Call a motorcycle injury lawyer as soon after the accident as you can. The mere hiring of a motorcycle accident lawyer often produces results before any official negotiations begin.

Call (713) 999-6666 to speak to a motorcycle accident lawyer in Spring, Tx for a free consultation.

Recent Motorcycle Accidents in Spring, Texas

In August of last year (2019), a group of five motorcyclists in Spring, Texas were traveling Eastbound on Spring Cypress and stopped at a red light. A Mustang driver was traveling at too high of a speed to slow in time for the red light and crashed into three of the motorcycle riders. Two of the motorcycle riders were thrown to the side of Ella Blvd and one into the grass near the side of the road. The Mustang driver then tried to flee on foot after his car slid into a dirt pile.

Motorcycle Crash: Grim Fatality Statistics

In addition to the increased rate of serious injuries, a greater percentage of fatalities occur in motorcycle crashes than any other type of vehicular crash. In 2017, 5,172 motorcycle riders died in motorcycle crashes. The number of fatalities dropped to 4,985 in 2018, but still, the number of motorcycle accident fatalities runs grossly disproportionate to other types of vehicle accidents.

According to the NHTSA, you are 27 times more likely to die in a motorcycle crash than in any other type of traffic accident.

The Most Common Injuries in a Motorcycle Crash

Many drivers and passengers in automobile crashes often walk away with little more than a scratch or bruise from an airbag or shoulder restraint. And therein lies the reason why motorcycle riders are more susceptible to serious injuries in a motorcycle crash – virtually none of the safety devices available to car passengers exist in the realm of motorcycle riding.

Biker crash victims suffer impact injuries, slashing injuries, crushing injuries, abrading injuries and more. Since in a motorcycle crash, the rider will undoubtedly strike something, the likelihood of suffering a debilitating injury ramps up dramatically. This underscores the importance of allowing first responders to assess and treat your injuries. Motorcycle riders have a reputation for swagger, but this is not the time to demonstrate it.

You probably won’t think about medical bills, lost wages and long rehab stints at this moment, but you should think about calling a motorcycle injury lawyer as soon as you can. If you question that, then consider this sobering statistic: 75-85% of all people involved in motorcycle crashes suffer severe personal injuries, and 10-15% of those injuries result in disabilities.

Don’t take a chance of suffering a second time when an insurance company backs out of paying for all of your expenses!

Motorcycle Crash Injuries: Road Rash

Road rash may qualify as a slang term, but the injury certainly doesn’t qualify as minor. Road rash, abraided skin from a sustained scrape along the surface of a highway, can result in permanent disfiguration, nerve damage and irritation.

The roads around Spring and this part of Texas may be flat and fairly straight, but they all are hard and unforgiving.

Most Common Motorcycle Crash Injuries

1. Fractures

Fractures can occur in motorcycle crashes in a number of different ways. They can result when the rider comes in contact with the other vehicle, when the rider strikes a fixed object, when the rider falls onto the pavement or sometimes when the motorcycle falls over on the rider.

As with most injuries suffered in a motorcycle crash, fractures tend to be worse than with most mishaps. Compound fractures actually outnumber simple fractures in motorcycle crashes.

2. Internal Injuries

Blunt force trauma injures the body externally and internally. With severe impact, such as in a motorcycle crash, internal organs can suffer contusions, compaction and tissue damage. Sharp objects that puncture the skin can also damage internal organs, often imperceptibly in the chaos immediately following a motorcycle crash.

Biker crash victims who decline immediate medical attention put themselves at great risk in regards to internal injuries.

3. Spinal Cord Injuries

Long term or permanent disability can result from a motorcycle crash. When the spinal column suddenly experiences blunt force trauma, severe twisting and spinal column compression, any number of physical and neurological issues can result. Paraplegia, the loss of sensory and motor function in the lower body, and quadriplegia, the loss of sensory and motor function from the neck down, remain among the most frightening realities of a severe motorcycle crash.

4. Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)

A traumatic brain injury overshadows all other motorcycle crash injuries, and causes many fatalities among biker crash victims. During a high-impact motorcycle crash, the rider’s entire body suffers intense stress from many directions in a split second. The brain slams into the inner surface of the skull – sometimes more than once – resulting in severe contusions (bruising) and bleeding, in addition to physical tissue damage.

Get Help Immediately After A Motorcycle Wreck

Because motorcycle crashes so frequently produce devastating injuries, biker crash victims should never trivialize their need for timely medical attention and should never assume they don’t need a good motorcycle injury lawyer. They do, on both counts.

Filing a Motorcycle Injury Claim

A good motorcycle injury lawyer had better know the tricks, ducks, dodges, delays and disappearing acts of the insurance companies, or he won’t be able to represent you very well.

If you become involved in a motorcycle accident in Spring, the greater Houston area or anywhere within the state of Texas, contact the Patrick Daniel Law. Founder Patrick Daniel has over 25 years’ experience in personal injury litigation, some of it from the other side of the table.

Following is a list of expectations about the claim filing process. In many motorcycle injury cases, plaintiffs should prepare for a bumpy ride.

Who is at Fault in the Motorcycle Crash?

Statistically, the driver of the car – or any vehicle other than the motorcycle – is most often at fault in accidents between cars and motorcycles. The drivers of the cars frequently don’t see the motorcycle, either from failing to keep a proper lookout or due to a distraction.

The most common causes for motorcycle crashes, including one-vehicle crashes, are:

  • Improper lookout/distracted driver.
  • Poor road conditions.
  • Speeding.
  • DUI

Insurance companies frequently attempt to portray motorcycle riders as reckless thrill-seekers, who, even if not explicitly at fault in a motorcycle crash, somehow contributed to their injuries. They might mention excessive speed, sudden lane changes and a lack of regard for their own safety as reasons they should not receive a full award.

Will Helmet Use or Non-Use Affect My Case?

A summation of 62 independent studies on the efficacy of motorcycle helmets in preventing death and injuries found that motorcycle helmets reduced the risk of death by 42% and the risk of head injury by 69%.

Motorcycle helmet laws vary from state to state. In 19 states all riders must wear helmets at all times. In 28 states, riders above a designated age – usually 18 – may opt not to wear a helmet. Three states have no helmet law at all.

For safety reasons, you really should wear a helmet whether required to by law or not. But does wearing or not wearing a helmet affect the amount of the award in a motorcycle injury case? In Texas, yes.

In Texas, motorcycle riders 21 and older may opt not to wear a motorcycle helmet. However, if a person not required by law to wear a helmet chooses not to, and suffers injuries that could have been prevented by a helmet, their insurance payout could be reduced.

A rider who must by law wear a helmet and breaks the law in not doing so can be charged with negligence per se (a legal term), and penalized for his or her contribution to any injuries that the helmet might have prevented. Injuries that occur to parts of the body not protected by a helmet do not apply.

How Long Before I Get a Settlement?

With backlogs currently entrenched in the court system in the greater Houston area and across Texas in general, insurance companies might become less cooperative. Their motivation to settle claims diminishes with each passing week of inaction. They have the opportunity, then, to take advantage of the plaintiffs’ anxiety and to try to induce them to accept their original lowball offer.

What might have taken a few months to settle in the past now might take an additional two or three months. Larger claims could take over a year to settle. But this is all speculation, and no dependable timetable can be applied to motorcycle injury claims.

Motorcycle Injury Lawyer in Spring

The biggest difference between Patrick Daniel Law and other motorcycle accident lawyers in Spring is that Patrick Daniel Law won’t shy away from actually appearing in court on your behalf. Some law firms tend to be out-of-court negotiators only, getting what they can for their clients short of actually scheduling a court case.

Patrick Daniel Law knows the risks of a court trial, but they also know the rewards. If they accept your motorcycle crash case, rest assured they are already convinced of its ultimate success. Whether or not the case requires a jury trial or bench trial, they stand firm in that conviction, and pledge to see it through to the end.

Clients pay no fee to Patrick Daniel Law. Their fees come from the final settlement which will be structured so that the defendants pay for everything.

Contact Patrick Daniel Law now at (713) 999-6666 for a free consultation after your motorcycle accident in Spring, Texas.

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