Sheena Foley

Sheena Foley is a certified paralegal with a strong background in all aspects of Plaintiff litigation. She has received two paralegal certifications and two AA Degrees in Business Administration as well as in Political Science. She is currently earning her BA in Political Science with future ambitions of becoming a power-house Texas attorney. Over the past decade, the very vast range of her legal expertise includes but is certainly not limited to work on mass-torts/multi-district litigation; product liability; bankruptcy, subrogation and lien resolution; personal injury; maritime law; motor vehicle accidents; commercial trucking incidents; contract disputes; child custody and divorce cases. She joined Patrick Daniel Law in October of 2016 as a paralegal and now manages all record retrieval and review for several busy attorneys on a day to day basis. She is competent enough to learn the law of any state; however, she is especially familiar with Texas, Louisiana, Wisconsin and Puerto Rico law. Additionally, she has been to trial and has hands-on experience with demands, settlement, legal drafting, Trial Pad, legal research, expert retention, voir doir, trial preparation and appellant procedures. She has mastered the art of working a case from intake to trial and has the ability to always see the bigger legal picture. As an exceptional professional and self-proclaimed super woman, Sheena’s maxim is and always will be “he who seeks equity must do equity.”