What Is An Accident Reconstructionist?

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To say that ‘accidents happen every day’ is a bit of an understatement. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), roughly three million people in the United States experience nonlethal injury in motor vehicle crashes every year. Moreover, this figure doesn’t include other kinds of accidents such as bridges giving way, plane crashes, workplace injuries, and more. In the event of a lawsuit, an accident reconstructionist will help explain why and how an accident occurred. In this blog, our team will explore the topic of car accident reconstruction, the qualifications of an accident reconstructionist, and their duties.

Defining Accident Reconstruction

The price of crash-related injuries is high: in 2017, there was more than $75 billion in productivity losses and medical treatment costs linked to deaths and injuries as a result of motor vehicle crashes. If you’re involved in an accident you shouldn’t leave anything to chance, and that’s where an accident reconstruction can assist. According to Fire & Accident Causation Technical Services (FACTS), “accident reconstruction is a branch of causation forensics which involves determining how and why an accident happened – accomplished first by correctly interpreting the clues left by the remaining physical evidence of the accident, then by reconstructing and studying the events preceding, during, and following the accident.”



What Do They Do Exactly?

If you’re a fan of Crime T.V. you likely have watched a character take less than an hour to discover the truth about a crime after working the scene backward chronologically. While real-life accident reconstruction may lack some of the drama and special effects, the methodologies are similar. Car accident reconstructionists figure out what elements played a part in the origin and seriousness of an accident, like a faulty repair or an airbag defect. Along with a vehicle inspection, they look at data sources like vehicle and crash site images, the Traffic Collision Report, deposition transcripts, witness statements, medical records, crash test reports, published studies, and more. “Accident reconstruction is a valuable procedure in discovering what you, your lawyer, and a jury would need to know about an accident. Since accident reconstruction takes a scientific approach, it is a pretty reliable source of data,” says Patrick Daniel, attorney and founder of Patrick Daniel Law Firm.

Accident Expert Qualifications

An accident reconstructionist must be an expert in car dynamics, photogrammetry, physics, mathematics, and computer applications, such as simulation tools. In addition, they should have a thorough knowledge of accident investigation (and may have law enforcement experience) in order to be seen as credible as possible in the courtroom.

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