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Children are precious. Whether you are a parent, sibling, grandparent, or other relation, you probably find that the youngest members of the family bring everybody closer together.

But, when a young child is injured or, worst of all, tragically dies, the impact on the family is devastating. This is especially true when childhood injuries and fatalities are the result of an accident or another unexpected event.

At Patrick Daniel Law, we recognize how vulnerable young children are in accidents. If your child was injured and you suspect someone is responsible, please contact Patrick Daniel Law today for a free case evaluation.

Our lawyers serve injury victims and their families in Houston, throughout Texas, and all over the country.

Accident Injuries Involving Children

Children can be hurt in many of the same circumstances as adults. However, their young age and developing bodies mean that the outcome of an accident may be different for a child than it is for someone who is fully grown.

Child Injuries in Automobile Accidents

Motor Vehicle Accidents Involving Children

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, auto crashes are the cause of one out of every four accidental deaths involving children. Even if they are strapped into a car seat, kids may suffer a number of serious injuries in car accidents such as:

  • Head and brain injuries
  • Whiplash
  • Injuries to the ribs and clavicle from seat belts and other restraints
  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations from broken glass
  • Spinal cord injury, potentially resulting in paralysis

In addition to the negligence of another driver, your child’s injuries in a car accident may also be the result of a defective car seat or other vehicle component. Our lawyers will fully investigate the accident and build a case on your behalf against all liable parties.

Child Injuries Due to Product Defects

You have a right to expect that any product you bring into your home will not pose a safety risk to your family. Unfortunately, children are some of the most vulnerable to serious injury when a product is defective.

Our law firm handles child injury cases arising from defective products such as:

  • Defective bicycles, tricycles, and scooters
  • Children’s toys and games with small pieces that present choking hazards
  • Furniture that tips over or collapses onto a child
  • Flammable children’s clothing
  • Appliances and electronics that cause fires or electrocution injuries
  • Defective strollers, cribs, and playpens
  • Dangerous medications

Product liability claims are complicated. Multiple parties may be liable for your child’s injuries. The attorneys at Patrick Daniel Law will meticulously build a legal strategy on your behalf and mercilessly pursue the compensation your family deserves.

Premises Liability Claims Involving Children

Property owners need to be especially cautious of conditions on the premises that might pose a risk to children. This is especially true if something on the property presents an “attractive nuisance” (i.e., a feature that is likely to draw a child’s attention but may also harm them).

Children may suffer serious injury due to unsafe conditions involving:

  • Swimming pools
  • Trampolines
  • Unrestrained dogs
  • Broken or deteriorated steps and banisters
  • Unsecured tools, firearms, and other dangerous items
  • Improperly stored hazardous chemicals

The range of properties where a child may be injured is also varied. Whether your child was injured at school, a daycare center, or another property, it is important to choose an experienced attorney. Some properties are held to higher standards in maintaining safe conditions for children, and it is important that your lawyer knows the laws and regulations that may apply in your case.

Playground Accidents

The playground is generally viewed as a safe place where kids can have fun, make friends, and get exercise. However, mounting evidence suggests that playgrounds are home to a number of dangers.

Over 200,000 children are seriously injured at playgrounds every year, according to Some of the most common types of playground accidents include:

  • Falls from swings, ladders, monkey bars, and other equipment
  • Cuts and puncture wounds from jagged metal edges and exposed bolts and screws
  • Crush injuries from equipment with moving parts
  • Abrasions and cuts from falls on gravel, sand, and wood mulch surfaces
  • Orthopedic injuries from getting trapped in a slide

Depending on the circumstances of the playground accident, several different parties may be liable in your case.

Houston Playground Accident Lawyers

Defective Playground Equipment

From errors during manufacturing to negligent construction, defective equipment can be the source of injury for many children. Defects can impact nearly any kind of playground equipment, including:

  • Swing sets
  • Slides
  • Seesaws/teeter-totters
  • Carousels/spinners
  • Climbing equipment
  • Spring riders

As in other product liability claims, multiple companies may be at fault if your child is injured due to defective playground equipment. These parties could include the manufacturer, a third-party company involved in the assembly of the product, and/or the distributor or wholesaler of the equipment.

Negligent Maintenance of the Playground

Playgrounds are subject to an extensive amount of wear and tear. The equipment can become unstable from factors such as children’s play activities and constant exposure to the elements.

Diligent repairs can reduce the risk of injury from issues such as rusted metal, rotting wood, loose chains, and other hazards. However, it is not uncommon for playgrounds to fall prey to neglect.

When this happens and your child is injured in a playground accident, the property owner may be liable. Our lawyers can take action on your family’s behalf against parties such as:

  • Schools
  • Daycare facilities
  • Apartment complexes
  • Recreation centers
  • Municipal agencies that oversee public parks and playgrounds

Thorough investigation is crucial to the success of any premises liability claim. Patrick Daniel Law will meticulously examine inspection reports and other records concerning the playground’s maintenance, develop a legal strategy unique to the facts of the case, and mercilessly pursue the compensation you deserve.

Negligent Supervision

Another area of premises liability law that may apply in your playground accident case is negligent supervision. In these cases, our attorneys will present evidence that one or more liable parties failed to watch the children and keep them safe from harm.

In effect, the parties in negligent supervision cases – such as teachers, school administrators, and daycare owners – are entrusted to act in place of the child’s parents in ensuring his or her safety on the playground. When they fail to do this and the child gets hurt, the school or daycare employee as well as his or her employer may be liable for the child’s injuries.

Playground accident injuries are not the only types of cases where failure to supervise might be a factor. Negligent supervision may also be a factor in cases of playground fights and bullying, as well as adults who trespass on the playground and endanger the children.

Claims involving negligent supervision at playgrounds can be complicated. This is especially true if the state or local government is responsible for the playground, as may be the case with public parks and public schools.

Compensation in Child Injury Cases

The compensation available in a personal injury lawsuit involving a child is generally the same as the damages that can be recovered in cases involving an injured adult. One of the key differences, however, is that children may have to live for decades or even their entire lives with the aftermath of a serious injury.

As a result, the damages are often significant in personal injury claims involving children. Therefore, you need an attorney who will aggressively pursue all of the compensation your child and your family deserves.

Generally, the parent or parents are the ones who file the lawsuit on behalf of the injured child. Some compensation may be awarded to the child and parents, while other damages may be kept in a trust for the child until he or she reaches the age of majority (18 in most states).

Damages that may be recovered in a lawsuit include:

  • Medical costs, including emergency treatment, surgeries, and rehabilitation
  • Ongoing expenses for physical therapy, psychiatric counseling, occupational and vocational therapy, etc.
  • Loss of future earning potential
  • Permanent disability
  • Out-of-pocket costs for medications and adaptive equipment
  • The cost of home renovations and vehicle modifications to improve accessibility
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish
  • Scarring and disfigurement

Patrick Daniel Law understands the devastating impact of serious injuries on children and their entire families. Our lawyers are strategic, meticulous, and merciless in handling these claims, and we make it our priority to pursue all of the compensation you deserve.

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Parents try their best to keep their children safe. Unfortunately, the negligence of individuals, institutions, and corporations endanger thousands of kids every day.

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