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Do you have a case that is outside of the scope of your practice?
Is your firm's workload too heavy for additional cases?

Patrick Daniel Law proudly accepts referrals and co-counsel arrangements from attorneys and law firms throughout the United States.

Our experienced trial lawyers are tenacious advocates for justice on behalf of our clients. We thoroughly investigate every piece of evidence, enlist world-class experts to help us build each case, and take claims to court if that is the best way to achieve the outcome our clients deserve. Litigating cases against large companies is complicated. We cut through the jargon to determine what caused our client’s losses, identify the liable parties, and develop a strategy for recovering full compensation. In court, we arrange for expert testimony and clearly present the evidence so jurors truly understand the magnitude of damages, how they occurred, and who is responsible.

What you get with Patrick Daniel Law on your team:

  • Proven Track Record of Successful Trial Verdicts: Our past results speak for themselves.
  • Experienced in Personal Injury Litigation: We prepare our cases to go to trial to ensure we are able to obtain just compensation for our clients.
  • Bilingual Attorneys: We have attorneys who are fluent in Spanish and English.
  • Experience: Our lawyers have years of experience in many different areas of personal injury law.
  • Vast Resources: Our ability to handle large case expenses means we can conduct thorough investigations, hire expert witnesses, and utilize cutting-edge technology to help us build the strongest case possible.
  • Flexible Fee Splitting: Our goal is to always treat referring counsel like we would be expect to be treated.

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