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Do I have a case?

Far and away the most frequently asked question we receive from clients is – Do I have a case?  This is a difficult question to answer and one which should never be answered on your own.  In determining whether a case exists is a complex analysis of facts and law which your attorney will conduct on your behalf.  Often facts which may not appear relevant to a client are those which become critical in the litigation.  As such, you should never determine whether you have a case or not before you have a consultation with an attorney.  This is why we offer free consultations at Patrick Daniel Law, LLC.

How long do I have to bring a lawsuit?

Known as the statute of limitations, the time you have to bring a lawsuit varies by jurisdiction and case type.  Additionally, there are certain facts or circumstances which can extend an applicable statute of limitations.  The determination as to whether your statute of limitations has run is never one you should make alone, as this analysis of fact and law can often be complex.  You should contact an attorney and discuss your concerns regarding any statute of limitations.  This is yet another reason we offer free consultations at Patrick Daniel Law, LLC.

What can I expect during my free consultation?

Your free consultation is an opportunity to tell your story and ask questions of our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys.  Similarly, our attorneys will ask you questions which are relevant to your case and will assist in their evaluation of your case.  At its conclusions, our firm will advise you of legal options available to you and will advise as to whether we will be able to assist you.  If we are unfortunately unable to assist you, we will help you find somebody who can. To schedule your free consultation, please call our office at 713.999.6666.

How do I chose a lawyer?

Choosing the right lawyer for your case is often the most important decision you can make.  In selecting a lawyer, it is not only important to hire an attorney who is knowledgeable in the relevant area of the law, but also one who will mercilessly advocate for you.

The attorneys at Patrick Daniel Law, LLC have the knowledge and skills necessary to assist you in your personal injury, motor vehicle accident, or products liability cases.  Additionally, our attorneys are trial lawyers, meaning they have the skills  and passion necessary to aggressively advocate for you in and out of the courtroom.

Do I need a lawyer?

After an injury, many believe they can handle the negotiations with the insurance company without the assistance of a lawyer.  This is a mistake.  Insurance companies have teams of people and strategies in place to protect their interests—not yours.  An experienced attorney can represent you during this process to help level the playing field in your favor.

How much does it cost to hire Patrick Daniel Law, LLC?

There is no out-of-pocket costs associated with hiring Patrick Daniel Law, LLC.  Our attorneys work on a contingency fee basis, meaning we do not get compensated unless we recover for you.  The attorneys’ fees ultimately earned will be calculated as a percentage of your total overall recovery.

Who will be working on my case?

Each client is assigned a dedicated trial team consisting of trial lawyers, paralegals, and legal investigators.  Once you have retained Patrick Daniel Law, LLC, you will be introduced to your team and provided with their contact information.  We pride ourselves on being available to our clients; therefore, your trial team is always available to assist you.

How long does a case take?

There are many factors which impact the duration of a lawsuit, including the venue, type of case, severity of the injures, the court, and opposing counsel.  Because we believe in a detailed-oriented approach to each case to ensure recovery, we do not believe in short-settling cases quickly.  Instead, we ensure that your case is appropriately handled, from start to finish, to ensure no stone goes unturned and the matter is thoroughly investigated.  After the lawsuit has been filed, your trial team will be able to better provide a more detailed timeline for your case.

How do I hire Patrick Daniel Law, LLC?

After you have made the important decision to retain Patrick Daniel Law, LLC, all you have to do is call 713.999.6666 to begin the process.  Our firm utilizes cutting-edge technology to ensure the best client experience, so no matter if you want to retain our firm from the comfort of your home, in our beautiful Houston office, or some other location, we can accommodate you and your family.  Give us a call and let us know how we can help.

Where are you located?

While we handle cases nationwide, Patrick Daniel Law, LLC’s principal office is located in Houston, Texas at 4801 Woodway Drive, Suite 440-W; Houston, Texas 77056.  This is in the galleria area of Houston, right next door to the Omni Houston hotel.

In addition to our physical location, our attorneys and staff are available to meet you wherever is convenient for you.

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