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Mariah Cook – Truck Accident Testimonial

“Hiring the Daniel Law Firm was the best decision my husband and I could have ever made after he was injured in his accident. Patrick Daniel and his team were available 24/7 if we ever had questions or concerns. Mr. Patrick will not back down to anyone when fighting for his clients rights and compensation. […]

Peggy Bourque – Husband in Accident Testimonial

“Patrick Daniel Law eased a lot of my frustration when my husband was in his accident. Even when I was feeling my worst, They always made me feel like I could get out of bed every morning. The best benefit of working with Patrick Daniel Law was working with people who treat you more like […]

Michael Romero – Construction Accident Testimonial

“It was a rough emotional experience. the process was long and exhausting but I’m glad came to Patrick Daniel Law. Patrick is an amazing man and a MORE amazing lawyer. Overall, I’m very satisfied and glad Patrick had such a fantastic team behind him, great, honest people that have great knowledge for the law but […]

Jeff Schexnixder – Construction Accident Testimonial

Jeff worked in a scrapyard dismantling offshore cranes. On the day of the accident, Jeff and a coworker were in the process of rigging an out-of-service crane to a truck crane. The crane fell, with the two workers plummeting 25-30 feet onto the boom. Jeff’s life flashed before his eyes. Had he been standing 1 […]

Tyrone Morgan’s – Hit by a 18 Wheeler Testimonial

Tyrone suffered a lower back injury in an 18-wheeler accident. The driver of the truck claimed that she was signaling and that Tyrone should have seen the signal. In reality, the truck driver (like so many others) was abiding by different rules that prioritize meeting deadlines over the safety of others. The injury to Tyrone’s […]

Jason Beale Testimonial – Brain Injury after an accident Testimonial

Jason suffered a traumatic brain injury after the seat on a riding mower that he recently purchased broke off. The injury exceeded anything Jason had experienced playing football, resulting in loss of consciousness for several hours. When Jason came to, he was disoriented. This feeling lasted several days. Prior to the accident, Jason was an […]

David Mills Testimonial – Maritime Accident Testimonial

David was a maritime worker preparing rigging for a deck section. He picked up a shackle and felt popping and burning in his left arm. A hard worker since the age of 15, David is now unable to work. Today, he and his wife are concerned about their ability to pay the bills. Maritime law […]

Beverly Kemp – Testimonial

“I think the best quality of Patrick Daniel Law is that they always make it a point to get personal with you. Not one time did I ever feel like a bunch of strangers were helping me, Even though that was in fact the case. They were there when I needed them and they got […]

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