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“Hiring the Daniel Law Firm was the best decision my husband and I could have ever made after he was injured in his accident. Patrick Daniel and his team were available 24/7 if we ever had questions or concerns. Mr. Patrick will not back down to anyone when fighting for his clients rights and compensation. The staff at the law firm truly became more like family to not only my husband and I, but also to our children. We would highly recommend ANYONE who is looking for the right person and team to represent them in the event they ever would need a Lawyer and trust me dealing with all the things that come with a lawsuit can be very frustrating and can make you want to give up, but with the Daniel Law Firm, you will never feel alone!”

Mariah Cook

“It was a rough emotional experience. the process was long and exhausting but I’m glad came to Patrick Daniel Law. Patrick is an amazing man and a MORE amazing lawyer. Overall, I’m very satisfied and glad Patrick had such a fantastic team behind him, great, honest people that have great knowledge for the law but most importantly, he gives a sense of friendship which is important to know that someone is on your side through the thick parts of your life. Everything went smoothly, and the entire team worked in a family like manner to help me get the compensation that I deserved I think the team makes it a priority to create a bond and to get close with the clients. Hands down I would refer anyone that needed the services to Patrick Daniel Law. Patrick Daniel took it to the NEXT level. He knows what he’s talking about.”

Michael Romero

“Patrick Daniel Law eased a lot of my frustration when my husband was in his accident. Even when I was feeling my worst, They always made me feel like I could get out of bed every morning. The best benefit of working with Patrick Daniel Law was working with people who treat you more like family than just another client. Patrick and his team always came out to our house to meet with us in person. This eased so much stress and always assured us it was “No trouble at all.” It was very comforting knowing we always had a family like team working with us. I definitely would recommend Patrick Daniel Law to anyone who needed their excellent services!”

Peggy Bourque

“I think the best quality of Patrick Daniel Law is that they always make it a point to get personal with you. Not one time did I ever feel like a bunch of strangers were helping me, Even though that was in fact the case. They were there when I needed them and they got me what I deserved. Patrick came to my house for meetings on many occasions so I did not have to travel to the office when it most definitely was not expected but very much appreciated. This is just how they operate. They handle every single case as if it was them who needed the assistance. I appreciate everything the firm has done for me, and continues to do with my new case.”

Beverly Kemp

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