When Should I Hire a Houston Personal Injury Lawyer?

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Being injured through no fault of your own is a stressful experience. Although anybody can bring a personal injury claim on their own, it is typically in your best interest to seek qualified legal representation.

If you have questions about hiring a Houston personal injury lawyer, you are not alone. At Patrick Daniel Law, we hear from people everyday who have questions about hiring a lawyer to help them assert their legal rights.

Keep reading for information that can help you decide whether hiring an attorney is the best course of action for your personal injury claim. Or, if you need assistance right away, you can learn how Houston personal injury lawyer Patrick Daniel can help.

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7 Questions to Determine If You Should Hire a Houston Personal Injury Lawyer

Ultimately, if you have questions about your legal rights, you should talk to a lawyer. The vast majority of personal injury attorneys offer free consultations, so there is no upfront cost or obligation to hire a lawyer at the initial meeting.

Additionally, if your answer to each of the following questions is “Yes,” then you should absolutely schedule an appointment with a Houston personal injury lawyer as soon as possible:

1. Were You Involved in an Accident?

Personal injury lawyers handle accident-related claims. If you were involved in an accident, this is the first sign that you should speak with a lawyer.

There are a number of different situations that give rise to personal injury claims in Texas. Some of the most common scenarios include:

2. Were You Seriously Injured in the Accident?

If you suffer any type of injury due to someone else’s negligence, you have the right to pursue legal action. However, the majority of viable claims center on accidents that cause serious injuries.

Examples of serious injuries include:

Any personal injury claim involving a catastrophic injury should be handled by a lawyer. These are complex cases that require experience and in-depth knowledge to pursue effectively.

3. Have You Sought Medical Treatment for Your Injuries?

Insurance companies will often defend against personal injury claims by arguing that the victims can’t prove their injuries are accident-related. They will also frequently blame accident victims for exacerbating their injuries (and the costs of their injuries) by delaying necessary medical treatment.

With this in mind, it is extremely important to seek treatment right away after being injured in an accident. If you haven’t sought medical treatment, you may still be able to file a claim. However, it is important that you see a doctor as soon as possible.

A Houston personal injury lawyer can review your medical records and consult expert witnesses to build a strong case on your behalf. If you fail to receive timely and appropriate medical care, it will be much more difficult to recover the full compensation you deserve.

4. Do You Suspect Someone Else Was at Fault for the Accident?

To recover compensation for a personal injury, you need to prove that your injuries were caused by the negligence of one or more parties. If the accident happened due to factors beyond your control, a Houston personal injury lawyer can investigate to determine who is at fault.

It can be difficult to collect the necessary evidence to prove fault and liability, especially if you are seriously injured in the accident. A Houston personal injury lawyer can gather evidence on your behalf and identify the liable party or parties.

5. Has It Been Less Than 2 Years Since the Accident?

In Texas, personal injury claims are subject to a 2-year statute of limitations (see Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code § 16.003(a)). This means that you must file a lawsuit within two years of the date that you suffer injury in order to preserve your legal rights.

With that said, you should not wait any longer than necessary. Delaying your claim could make it much more difficult to recover just compensation.

6. Have You Avoided Settling with the Insurance Companies?

If you have tried to deal with the insurance companies on your own, that’s OK – as long as you have not accepted a settlement. Once you settle, your claim is over and a Houston personal injury lawyer probably won’t be able to help you.

Whether settlement negotiations seem to be going nowhere or you have received an offer and you’re not sure if it’s fair, it is in your best interest to talk to a personal injury attorney promptly. A lawyer can review your case and try to negotiate a more favorable settlement on your behalf.

7. Are You Committed to Recovering Fair Compensation?

Finally, when you hire a personal injury lawyer to represent you, both you and your attorney need to be committed to fighting for the maximum compensation you deserve. The process will take time, and your lawyer will need your help.

Ultimately, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit and take your case to trial to achieve the optimal outcome. In this situation, you need a Houston personal injury lawyer to represent you.

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