How Long Do I Have to File an Injury Claim?

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Skeptics abound when someone brings an injury claim into the court system. The image of the plaintiff, wearing a cervical collar and trying to remember to limp on the right foot is a cliché that winds up in a lot of cartoons and TV comedies, but it’s no laughing matter when the injury is real. If you were injured in a semi truck accident and the trucking firm’s insurance company – the one that promised that it would take care of everything – didn’t, you need to hire legal counsel.

When Should I Contact an Attorney to File an Injury Claim?

You should contact an attorney as soon as you realize you have an injury. This may seem a little hasty, and some might say that it doesn’t afford the insurance company the opportunity to do the right thing, but in order to prepare your case, an attorney needs time to adequately prepare.

In most states, injury claims have a two-year statute of limitations, but waiting even half that long to file a claim will likely put a damper on your chances for success.

Resolution Without a Court Date

While high-profile lawsuits with dramatic testimony and huge settlements capture the public’s attention, the truth is, they are rare. The great majority of injury lawsuits are routinely settled in surprisingly quick trials, out of court or even before court.

An experienced injury lawyer can work with the insurance company and their lawyers and very often reach a settlement without ever putting the case on the court docket. Despite the vilifying of insurance companies in the public’s mind, most of them want to settle in an equitable fashion, and having a proactive injury attorney at work for you can make that happen.

Sometimes You Have to Fight

Of course, it’s not all butterflies and rainbows with insurance companies. Some will call the bluff on those who file claims against them, and they have the legal resources to make the process as daunting as they want to make it. Going up against their well-groomed legal teams by yourself or with an inexperienced attorney can make you wish you’d accepted their original offer to settle.

You can help your attorney by keeping meticulous records, saving receipts, e-mails, letters and accounts of phone conversations, as well as by documenting the details of the accident while your recollection is still sharp.

Medical Records

Medical records are now easier than ever to obtain. A growing number of hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices subscribe to patient portals like MyChart, MyHealth and FollowMyHealth, where charts, lab results, physician observations, appointments and in some instances, viewable images from x-rays can be accessed by the patient.

You can print documents from these sites or share pdf files as needed. Your injury attorney can put these documents to good use.

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