Common Injuries Related to Falls in Construction

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Falls on construction sites are among the most common hazards, posing a significant risk to workers’ safety and well-being. The construction industry, known for its towering structures and elevated workspaces, sees a considerable number of falls in construction every year. These incidents spotlight the inherent dangers of the profession and the importance of stringent safety measures and protocols.

At Patrick Daniel Law, we understand the severe impact a fall can have on a worker and their family. Our approach is Strategic. Meticulous. Merciless. We will do everything we can to pursue the compensation our clients deserve when they need it most.

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Causes of Falls on Construction Sites

Construction is a strenuous and dangerous job. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) asserts that the construction industry was responsible for nearly 1 in 5 workplace deaths in 2021. Over a third of those tragedies resulted from a fall, slip, or trip.

Several factors contribute to falls in construction, including:

  • Lack of Fall Protection: The absence of guardrails, safety nets, and personal fall arrest systems can leave workers vulnerable.
  • Unsafe Working Surfaces: Unstable, slippery, or cluttered work areas increase the risk of slips and falls.
  • Improper Use of Ladders & Scaffolds: Incorrect setup, overloading, or using damaged equipment can lead to accidents and collapses.
  • Inadequate Training: Workers not properly trained in fall prevention and equipment use are more likely to experience falls.

Addressing these issues is imperative to enhance safety and prevent accidents on construction sites. However, when an accident happens and someone is injured, justice and compensation must be sought. The assistance of a Houston construction injury attorney can be invaluable.

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What Are the Most Common Injuries Due to Falls on Construction Sites?

Falls in construction are notorious for causing a wide array of injuries, some of which can have life-altering consequences. The most common injuries resulting from falls on construction sites include:

  • Fractures: Particularly common are broken bones in the wrists, arms, legs, and ribs, which can result from trying to break a fall.
  • Head Injuries: Including concussions and traumatic brain injuries, which can range from mild to severe, affecting cognitive functions and physical abilities.
  • Spinal Cord Injuries: These can lead to partial or complete paralysis, significantly impacting a victim’s quality of life.
  • Internal Injuries: Organ damage and internal bleeding are serious concerns that may not be immediately apparent.
  • Cuts & Lacerations: Caused by sharp or rough surfaces encountered during a fall.
  • Soft Tissue Injuries: Sprains and strains affecting muscles, ligaments, and tendons can cause long-term pain and mobility issues.

The experienced legal guidance from a construction accident lawyer in Houston can be critical in the aftermath of such injuries.

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What Is the #1 Cause of Death in Construction?

Falls are the leading cause of death in the construction industry, causing 37% of the fatalities in construction in 2021. This stark statistic reinforces the vital importance of fall prevention strategies and safety protocols on construction sites as well as the necessity for ongoing training and education for all construction workers to mitigate these risks and save lives.

What Are the OSHA Requirements for Fall Protection?

Reducing falls on construction sites is crucial for worker safety, and OSHA sets clear guidelines for fall protection. Employers are tasked with creating a safe work environment by implementing various measures to guard against falls from elevated platforms, into holes, or over dangerous machinery.

Key OSHA requirements include:

Guarding Floor Holes

Implementing railings or covers to prevent workers from accidentally walking into open holes.

Elevated Work Platforms

Securing open-sided platforms, floors, or runways with guardrails to prevent falls.

Dangerous Equipment

Even if there’s no risk of falling a significant distance, guardrails and toe-boards are required around dangerous machinery to prevent falls into or onto these hazards.

Fall Protection Systems

Depending on the job, safety harnesses, lines, nets, stair railings, and handrails may be necessary.

Worksite Conditions

Maintaining clean, dry work areas to the extent possible and providing personal protective equipment at no cost to workers.


Employers must train workers on potential job hazards in a language they can understand.

OSHA’s detailed standards, set out in §§ 1926.501 & 1926.502, are designed to stop a fall with minimal injury to the worker. These regulations are critical for construction site safety. Failure to adhere to these requirements endangers workers and can lead to significant legal and financial repercussions for employers.

For workers who have suffered falls due to non-compliance with these standards, seeking legal assistance is essential. A Houston construction accident lawyer can provide guidance and support after a construction fall, ensuring that workers and their families receive the compensation and justice they deserve.

If I Fall At Work, Can I Sue My Employer?

Workers’ compensation laws generally prevent employees from suing employers for workplace injuries. There are exceptions, such as cases involving gross negligence. Additionally, if a third party’s negligence contributed to the fall, you might have a claim against that party.

However, in Texas, not all private employers are mandated to carry workers’ compensation insurance, except when contracting with government entities or under certain contractor requirements. If your employer does not have workers’ comp insurance, you may be able to sue for the losses suffered after your injury. Understanding your rights in these situations is important to your potential compensation.

Compensation for Falls in Construction

Victims of construction falls and their families may be eligible for various forms of compensation, such as:

  • Medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Rehabilitation costs
  • Long-term disability benefits
  • Lump-sum settlements for permanent impairment

In the tragic event of a fatal fall, families may also receive wrongful death benefits, including:

  • Loss of support
  • Funeral & burial expenses
  • Loss of companionship

Handling these claims requires the knowledge of a construction accident attorney. They can diligently pursue all entitled benefits and provide necessary support.

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