Prilosec OTC Lawsuit

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Prilosec OTC is used my (by) millions of consumers each year to treat heartburn and other conditions.

In 2010, many studies indicated an increased risk of bone fractures in the wrist, hip, and spine when Prilosec OTC was used for a long period of time. The FDA eventually determined that low dose usage of one year or less did not need a safety warning. However, dangerous side effects have recently been discovered.

Side effects include:

  • Dementia
  • Heart Attack
  • Acute interstitial nephritis (AIN)
  • Short-term kidney problems and injuries
  • Low magnesium levels
  • Stroke

JAMA recently published a study of participants taking Prilosec and other proton pump inhibitors (PPIs). The study revealed a 20-50% higher risk of chronic kidney damage compared to nonusers

Other studies have determined:

  • that use of Prilosec could lead to increased risk of gastric cancer. Risk more than doubled for patients who had previous infections in the stomach.
  • Increase of stroke by 21%
  • Increase of heart attack by 21%
  • Omeprezole use doubling senior risk of dementia with regular use

If you or someone you know has been injured by Prilosec or other Proton Pump Inhibitors, please do not attempt to determine if you have a compensable case. You must consult a relevant liability attorney who has the expertise and extensive knowledge necessary to determine who ultimately caused the harm and injuries you or a loved one suffered. Contact us for a free case evaluation here.

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