Safety Hazard: Private Rail Crossings and Personal Injury

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The railroads have been operating in the US for a long time, but the infrastructure that the railroads have built and continue to use is still very antiquated. When cars first hit the roads, there weren’t that many roadways. Once cars became popular, highways and other major roads came into being, and the government had to build them in and around the preexisting railways. The federal government tried to implement rules and regulations in regards to the safety measures that railroad companies would put into effect. The goal, of course, was to ensure that the cars and trains played nicely.

Public Crossing Vs. Private Crossings

Unfortunately, even with those federal regulations in place, there is a number of loopholes depending on whether a crossing is considered public or private, which is really a governmental distinction. In reality, the public crosses over private crossings all the time, but the safety standard is much lower for private crossings than public crossings. For instance, Patrick Daniel Law is currently working on a railroad case involving rail operators and a private rail line in Cotulla, Texas. There are no warning signs, no lights, no arms, no bells, and no whistles at this crossing because it’s considered a private crossing. Unfortunately, these private crossings can create huge safety hazards for people. If there is an obstructive view because there is improperly maintained vegetation or a corner that doesn’t let people get a full field of view, it could put them in a dangerous situation.

 A History of Railroad Crossing Collisions

According to an article published by The Legal Examiner in 2018, in the past decade, there have been more than 30,000 railroad crossing crashes resulting in more than 3,600 fatalities. The reason collisions are so common is that there is a multitude of rail crossings across the country and railroad companies think that it costs too much money to put safety devices at each one. Well, to counter that, we ask: how much is one life worth? Is one life worth $2 million, $4 million, $6 million?

Long-lasting Injuries

The difficult part with train cases is that the injuries and their impact are significant. These kind of injuries are debilitating, and they tend to last a long time. Families are understandably focused on putting food on the table, getting well, and getting back to normal. But what they also need to realize is that the time to bring these lawsuits starts ticking from day one. In Texas, you only have two years to bring these lawsuits. By the time you fully recover, it may be too late.

Have You Experienced A Personal Injury?

If you have experienced a personal injury from a railroad crossing collision, it is crucial that you start seeking legal help as soon as possible. At Patrick Daniel Law, we are ready to advocate for you. Our confident attorneys have the skills to represent your case and see it through to success, so contact us today.

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