Do You Live in ‘Cancer Alley’?

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Patrick Daniel Law is dispatching team members to St. John the Baptist Parish in Louisiana to meet with residents facing a significantly elevated cancer risk. St. John the Baptist Parish and nearby communities have cancer rates that are 50 times the national average. As a result, communities in an 85-mile stretch along the Mississippi River have the ominous nickname “Cancer Alley.”

Evidence suggests the higher rates of cancer in the area are due in large part to the overwhelming presence of petrochemical plants. For example: In LaPlace, Louisiana, one of the biggest threats comes from the DENKA (formerly DuPont) chemical plant, where the toxic chemical chloroprene pollutes the air.


Posted by Patrick Daniel Law on Tuesday, April 14, 2020


A cancer diagnosis is a devastating event. Even worse is the increased risk of contracting the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

The death toll for coronavirus is more than five times higher in St. John the Baptist Parish than it is in other areas of Louisiana. We believe this is partially a result of the petrochemical pollution in “Cancer Alley,” which makes it more difficult for residents to fight life-threatening illnesses and infection.

Strength and unity is more important in our communities now more than ever. Our hearts go out to the people who live and work in St. John the Baptist Parish and other communities in “Cancer Alley.” If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with cancer or someone in your family is suffering or passed away due to coronavirus, Patrick Daniel Law can help.

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