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The reasons for contacting a personal injury attorney are many and it’s a crowded field in Houston. Personal injury lawyers have offices all over town, each practice with its own set of specialties and every law firm claiming to be the best law firm in Houston.

So, how do you settle on the best choice of law firm?

In the end, it comes down to compassion. We treat our clients not just as clients, but as members of our family. We’re there for you from the moment you call to the moment the case is settled, and after. We develop relationships with our clients and keep the lines of communication open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you need us, we’re there for you.

If you’d like to speak to our attorneys regarding your personal injury please call 713-999-6666 now to speak to an attorney. Or, click the button below to contact us online.

Why Choose Patrick Daniel Law?

Among Houston lawyers, Patrick Daniel Law is the best choice for personal injury cases, regardless of your circumstances. We’ve had a 98% case success rate in recovering for our clients. We’ve seen success in everything from 18-wheeler accidents to maritime injury, injuries due to product defects, injuries resulting from property negligence and more.

But don’t take our word for it:

“Hiring the Daniel Law Firm was the best decision my husband and I could have ever made after he was injured in his accident. Patrick Daniel and his team were available 24/7 if we ever had questions or concerns.”
-Mariah Cook

“Mr. Daniel is one of the most compassionate attorneys that I have ever worked with. He was understanding and very knowledgeable of the law. He was able to settle my case above my expectations!”

“Mr. Daniel and his staff are a group of compassionate people. I appreciated the fact that I can talk to an attorney about my case. This firm offers a personalized service that NO LAW FIRM from Houston to Louisiana can compare.”

We also know the tricks and bullying attempts that insurance companies and their lawyers use to try to coerce victims into signing off on lowball settlements. We have an advantage in this regard because Patrick Daniel has over 25 years’ experience – some of it from the other side of the table – in personal injury law. This allows us to more than adequately recover fair compensation for the victims who have suffered physically, emotionally and financially from an accident.

So call us now at 713-999-6666 and find out if the insurance company you’re dealing with is trying to lowball you on a settlement. We offer a free case evaluation to anyone who contacts us and we’ll go through your case together with you to make sure you’re getting a fair deal.

Our Most Important Focus – You

There is a human element that needs to be nurtured in law practices, because emotional healing is often as important as physical healing or financial recovery. We approach every case with the understanding that our clients reach out to us often only after a traumatic experience. This is why you’re the most important to us. We want you to recover completely, not just financially, but emotionally and physically as well.

We Have An Established Track Record

Among Houston law firms, we’ve established ourselves as a premier “big case” firm, with a track record of amazing successes against powerful corporations, national manufacturers, insurance companies and deep-pocketed defendants with the resources to overwhelm most courtroom litigators. Yet, our focus remains singularly fixed upon the person who has endured a tremendous assault on their well-being and who needs help.

Top Verdicts:

  • $25,000,000: Product defect resulting in involving burns and burn encephalopathy, top 5 largest verdicts on the country, pre-trial offer of $400,000
  • $2,890,000: Premises negligence case involving complex regional pain syndrome, pre-trial offer of $40,000
  • $2,900,000: General negligence during mock war games resulting in neck surgery, largest single Plaintiff verdict in parish history, pre-trial offer of $0.00
  • $5,450,000: Intentional attack on co-worker resulting in brain injury, defendant paid $400,000 above insurance policy limits
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No Fee Unless You Win

No client pays a fee to Patrick Daniel Law. Fees come out of the settlement when the case is won.
No one who contacts Daniel Patrick Law will be turned away. If we cannot provide the legal services needed, we will refer you to an attorney who can.

If you were injured in an accident, our attorneys are ready to help. Call 713-999-6666 or contact us online.

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