Episode 1 – What is the Legal Lens?

What is the Legal Lense?
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“Have you ever found yourself wondering, “What goes on in the mind of an attorney?”

Whatever it is, it happens fast, digs deep and for the accomplished attorneys, stays a step ahead of the opposition at all times.

The Legal Lens provides a candid look at how the law affects society through the lens of two trial attorneys.

This podcast demystifies the legal system and exposes the raw and often unseemly elements of personal injury law. Patrick Daniel and Randy Canché will quickly tell you it’s not at all like what you see on TV.

They delight in sharing their vast legal knowledge, shedding a light on the tricks, the bullying, the hide-and-seek games and the pitfalls of personal injury litigation. You will learn a lot, but most of all, you’ll catch their passion.

You will come to understand why they say that if you have a personal injury case, you deserve Strategic, Meticulous and Merciless representation.”


Intro: 0:00 You are listening to the Legal Lens, a podcast for those who thirst for knowledge and insight into the world of personal injury law. Preeminent law firm, Patrick Daniel Law believes knowledge is power and experience is the highest form of knowledge. Join attorneys Patrick Daniel and Randy Canché as they share their expertise and experience to empower you to make the best decisions when dealing with a personal injury matter. Each week we answer top frequently asked legal questions and interview select experts on an array of topics that matter to you. This is Patrick Daniel law’s the Legal Lens podcast.

Patrick: 1:11 Hey everybody. Welcome to the first episode of the Legal Lens. This is a Patrick Daniel law podcast. I’m Patrick Daniel, I’m a personal injury attorney in Houston, but I’m originally from Louisiana. I’ve been practicing about 19 years, exclusively personal injury. I was originally a defense attorney for a couple of years, unfortunately, and I’ve been a plaintiff’s attorney ever since. Randy and I, who’s my law partner, focus exclusively on personal injury. You guys are going to hear a number of different topics from us each and every week… um , that will be moderated by my wife. So without further ado, Nicolette , tell us a little bit about yourself .

Nicolette: 1:51 I’m Nicolette Daniel I’m chief strategy officer here. I come from a non-legal background, so you can expect from me a lot of questions that I hope that you would have , um, as a mere Muggle and not as a, as a , uh , law student or lawyer. Um, I come from a television background, so it made perfect sense to put this together and move forward um , here, Randy…

Randy: 2:20 Yeah, thanks for the intro guys. Um, as Patrick said, my name is Randy Canché. I’ve been practicing 16 years. I joined the firm about a year ago. Uh , Patrick and I I think are really simpatico in a lot of how we think and the way we treat cases. Uh, you’re going to hear us cuss . You’re going to hear us complain and whine and bitch about Trump and politics. And this is about being real. This is about to me people understanding the way that laws affect them… because people are driving around in their cars, completely oblivious, having no idea that how they vote creates laws that are either protecting them or harming them. People are oblivious to the fact that there are products out there that harm you every single day. You’re going on your merry way. You’re going to be educated on this show. You’re going to learn what is real and what is not. It is a non-holds barred conversation. So I don’t care whether you’re Republican or Democrat tune in because you’re going to be very enlightened and you’re going to look at the world in a very different way when it comes to the law.

Patrick: 3:26 And give us feedback, don’t be bashful… you know, good, bad indifferent, we want to hear from you. And like Randy said… no topic is off limits, especially the uncomfortable ones of his , everything ultimately affects the law . And the law ultimately affects everything. I think my wife has come to learn that over the course of our marriage.

Nicolette: 3:46 Well, I think it’s important to have my perspective because a lot of times you don’t know your rights and it’s critical that , that you understand, you know, the highest value you can get for your case… if you should have to be in a situation that you have a case. What to look for when you’re looking for an attorney, what distinguishes good attorneys from bad attorneys? Unfortunately, we learn these things a little too late… So, be proactive in this day and age, it’s so critical that we protect each other. And this is so important to tune in and be informed, know your rights, ask the questions, ask the uncomfortable ones and I’ll try to untangle them.

Randy: 4:27 Yeah, absolutely. I think the hardest conversation I have with people is when they come to us and they talk about what another lawyer did and they “F-ed up”, and it’s too late and there’s, there’s so much that we can do. Patrick and I are always playing cleanup, we don’t want you guys to make that mistake. We want you to learn through this. We want you to understand the way that this works. We’re going to be abrasive. You’re going to be shocked probably at some points , but this is stuff you need to learn so that you don’t make a mistake, or so that your loved ones don’t, and we can be there to guide you and really let you know what good lawyering is about ’cause there are a lot of crappy lawyers out there. There’s some medium lawyers and there’s some good ones and we’re good lawyers. You’re going to hear from us on what that means to be a good lawyer, not just kicking ass in the courtroom, but how we treat our clients and the way the process is supposed to go. This isn’t about you picking your cousin or your friend’s ex boyfriend’s father. This is about learning from really good lawyers on what the legal process is supposed to be about.

Nicolette: 5:34 And this is a true way that we are able to give back to our community, plain and simple. Just, I mean, this is a, you need to be informed, ask your questions, don’t hold back and watch the experts analyze cases, ’cause to be honest with you, it’s really cool to watch them analyze cases.

Patrick: 5:53 Yeah. I mean, it’s kind of like school… there’s no such thing as a dumb question. I mean, I can’t imagine…

Randy: 5:58 Well, there are but… (laughter).

Patrick: 5:58 Not to us…

Nicolette: 5:59 Really, I mean…

Patrick: 6:03 But I mean, it’s a daunting process. I mean, selecting an attorney is a critical decision in your life. And honestly, nobody likes attorneys until they need one. You know, and everybody, I can’t imagine how many times I get it each week. “God, I wish I’d known you back when I got screwed by this other attorney.” You know, attorneys get a bad name because there are a handful of them that do a bad job. You know, we want to make the legal profession better as a whole. So the thing is we’re believing in really good representation, we certainly believe we provide it, but we want to educate the community as a whole on what the legal process is. So, again, from all of us at Patrick Daniel Law, thank you for your support. We’ll be back next week with a substantive episode and hope you tune in to the Legal Lens. Remember to subscribe on Apple iTunes or on Spotify. We’re there. Please follow us.

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