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Defective Product

Product defect resulting in involving burns and burn encephalopathy. Top 15 largest verdicts on the country. Pre-trial offer of $400,000.

Personal Injury

Intentional attack on co-worker resulting in brain injury. Defendant paid $400,000 above insurance policy limits.

Insurance Bad Faith

Insurance bad faith claim for property asset

General Negligence

General negligence during mock war games resulting in neck surgery. Largest single Plaintiff verdict in parish history. Pre-trial offer of $0.00.

Premises Liability

Premises negligence case involving pipeline accident for complex regional pain syndrome, pre-trial offer of $40,000

Brain Injury

Brain Injury

Car Accident

Jury verdict in catastrophic automobile accident

Brain Injury

Brain injury

Product Liability

Product design failure

Medical Negligence

Hospital bed failure

Premises liability

Premises liability

Premises Liability

PDL represented a young man who suffered catastrophic injuries in a fall from the balcony of his above-garage apartment. The client was so badly injured that he eventually underwent a below-knee leg amputation. As a direct result of PDL’s relentless and meticulous efforts, the property owners’ homeowners’ insurance company entered into a pre-suit settlement with PDL’s client for the insurer’s full policy limits. 

Breach of Contract

Breach of Contract Settlement

Premises Liability

Premises Liability

Car Accident

Settlement with Allstate, Garrison Property and Casualty Insurance

Car Accident

Settlement with Allstate for a car accident

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